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Cement Panel House

Someone once said “no matter how technology develops, how times change, the nature of architecture will carry harmony, time, space and humanity.”

  • Global Affordable Homes believes prefabricated cements panels are a complete game changer in the building industry. Fast efficient and easy to build cement panel homes have a high energy efficiency across all climates, are structurally sound and a suitable global solution to affordable housing.
  • These custom built panels can be specifically designed to maximize internal space, and minimize waste and raw material usage.
  • A 60 square meter home using light gauge steel as your base structure and using the cement panels as your internal and external solution can be done in as little as 2 days,  using 4 workers.
  • Cement panels are a structurally sound, low cost, high quality durable method of construction. Efficient factory processes allow shorter onsite construction periods and lower costs.
  • Cement wall panels can also become a very simple 1 step solution to minimize trades. Using a decorative film, render or painting solution allows our clients to finish the home to local market trends.
  • Waterproof and fireproof these lightweight panels have a very dense compact surface structure. The fire resistance limit of a panel is over 3 hours at a high temperature of 1000 degrees centigrade.

Light Steel House

High strength for 9 degree anti-seismic, 17 degrees anti­typhoon performance.

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Container House

Container homes become a creative architecture shift to construct a modular home.

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Sandwich Panel House

A sandwich panel is any structure made of just three layers; a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side.

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Workshop & Warehouse

A very important member of the steel structure family, portal frames is widely used in long span house or factory.

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Folding Container House

The folding container house is a new kind of integrated modular house. Its fast and efficient installation and dismantling time allows for the structure to be recycled.

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Smart House

With all assembling of fittings and fixtures being 100% finished in our factories, it only takes 1 day with 4 skilled works to complete erection.

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Cement Panel Homes

Someone once said “no matter how technology develops, how times change, the nature of architecture will carry harmony, time space and humanity”.

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Multi Storey Apartments

With 20 years experience in high
end residential construction and building Global Affordable Homes leads the way with Multi Storey Apartments.

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Schools/ Student Housing

If large or small, if accommodating 20 students or 400 students Global Affordable Homes can bring you a solution using our vast knowledge and experience

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GAH notes that all projects represented are projects completed
using our suppliers materials and manufacture