Global Affordable Homes provides construction and development solutions to the ever growing need for affordable housing.

We aim to be at the forefront of new technology from around the world by harnessing new technology and products that have high sustainable qualities, and are the best available products.

We take these products and supply to builders and developers to assist them in attaining the leading products at the best prices, assisting them to deliver affordable housing products that stand out with best use in sustainability and affordability.

Global Affordable Homes strongly believes that affordable housing should be available for all, and our company works towards increasing profit margins for those who deliver housing.

Project costs could be reduced by about 30 percent and completion schedules shortened by about 40 percent if developers make use of value engineering (standardizing design) and industrial approaches, such as assembling buildings from prefabricated components manufactured off-site.

Whether it be affordable housing, multi – story apartments, or high-end luxury housing, we have the solution.

Through our development partners, GAH also looks at providing development assistance through funding, or working with governments and NGO’s, to assist in supplying affordable housing.


Dedication and persistence throughout my professional sporting career in Rugby League has lead me to the “Affordable Housing Market.” I have dedicated the past three years of my life on research along with practical theory to uncover different construction and building methodologies. This journey has taken me to all parts of the world. The Affordable Housing market is often discussed and debated in Australia but driven by very little action.

We’ve concluded that Technology holds the key to the building industry with markets globally searching for alternatives to manufacture, supply, erect and develop affordable homes and apartments.

Our research suggested that the industry is in need of a shift to both simplify and speed up the building process to help families around the globe move into their much loved family home.

Personally for me life has become about people and helping impact a persons living condition. So GAH have created a narrow focus to delivering consistent efficient housing.

Global Affordable Homes has a passionate team ready to work with you the client, no matter if your a developer, Government official or a builder.


After several years working towards finding the newest and most sustainable products in the marketplace, GAH is proud to say we are at the forefront of new technology for homes globally.

Having dedicated the last 15 years of my professional career to delivering housing in Sydney, Australia, one of the toughest markets in which to operate and realise quality profit margins, I am excited to be a part of this challenge to contribute to a global affordable housing solution for our clients, whether they be builders, developers, JV partners or Government.

Light Steel House

High strength for 9 degree anti-seismic, 17 degrees anti­typhoon performance.

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Container House

Container homes become a creative architecture shift to construct a modular home.

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Sandwich Panel House

A sandwich panel is any structure made of just three layers; a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side.

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Workshop & Warehouse

A very important member of the steel structure family, portal frames is widely used in long span house or factory.

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Folding Container House

The folding container house is a new kind of integrated modular house. Its fast and efficient installation and dismantling time allows for the structure to be recycled.

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Smart House

With all assembling of fittings and fixtures being 100% finished in our factories, it only takes 1 day with 4 skilled works to complete erection.

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Cement Panel Homes

Someone once said “no matter how technology develops, how times change, the nature of architecture will carry harmony, time space and humanity”.

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Multi Storey Apartments

With 20 years experience in high
end residential construction and building Global Affordable Homes leads the way with Multi Storey Apartments.

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Schools/ Student Housing

If large or small, if accommodating 20 students or 400 students Global Affordable Homes can bring you a solution using our vast knowledge and experience

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GAH notes that all projects represented are projects completed
using our suppliers materials and manufacture